Brighton Beach.

Today I went back to my second home, Brighton town. I'm ashamed to say I've hardly spent any time at the beach this year, which is odd considering the main reason I moved here was to be by the sea. I may have ventured to the shores after a night out once or twice but that doesn't exactly count..

So my lovely friend Emily and I got up and out of bed (reasonably) early, jumped in the car, and headed straight to the beach.

Once we arrived we fast joined the queue for some tasty fish and chips and dozed on the beach with our new best buddies, the seagulls of Brighton.

It was such a gorgeous day, but being typically British, we got bored pretty fast so ventured for some more excitement on the pier.

After trying and failing miserably to win a slinky on the 2p machines, we took a bit of a risk and went on the rides. Is it just me that feels like pier rides are never 100% safe but goes on them anyway? It was probably worth the 60 second thrill I'd say, and thankfully we did not fall out and die, so that's always a good thing.

This is my favourite picture of the day, there really is nothing quite like British summertime!

We took a break from the sun and headed for the shade with a delicious frozen yoghurt. I chose banana and strawberry, my absolute favourites! And Emily went for an all berry.

We detoured through town, popping our heads in a few shops, and bought an iced latte before heading home (not without making a stop in Boots for some beauty products of course - I swear it just has to be done).

Choccywoccydoodah's cafe.

St Peter's Church.

The Royal Pavilion.

It was only when I looked over my pictures on the way home that I realised there are no pictures of me... I'll try to remember next time, I promise!