JB's American Diner

Last night I caught up with a friend in one of my favourite places to eat in Brighton, JB's. I love going there for it's quirky decor, 50's music and amazing milkshakes. 

You can order from a bit of a selection, whether you fancy a burger, steak, sandwich or a salad, it's all there and it's all good (I know, it's bad that I know this). 

My delicious Oreo Milkshake! 
They do quite a few flavours but I'm yet to try any others because the Oreo is just so good! They are huge so I would recommend sharing one between two like we did if you are eating. But if you do manage a whole milkshake and a meal, I commend you!

After hours of gossiping and telling the waitresses 'we're not ready to order yet' four times, we finally ordered Mozzerella Sticks, Fries and Southern Fried Chicken Strips and it was delicious!

The prices are pretty cheap and the atmosphere is different to your usual restaurant. It was a perfect evening to escape from the cold weather and my uni work! 

Where are your favourite places to eat? Let me know!