Life Updates

2015 has been an absolute whirlwind of fun and work so far and I am absolutely loving it. Is it too soon to say it feels like it's going to be my best year yet? I've finally finished my three years at university studying history and I will graduate with a 2:1 in a few weeks. It feels so strange saying that, it hasn't really sunk in properly. It really feels like just yesterday I was on my way to Sussex to start my degree and now here I am! I know university isn't for everyone and not everyone has a positive experience, but I am so happy I went and I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing time. I loved my course, living in Brighton and the people I have met along the way and I am so pleased to say I have absolutely no regrets about going. 

Aside from studying this year I have visited some incredible places. I went to Amsterdam in February, California in April (where I went to Coachella Music and Arts festival which was probably the coolest thing I have ever done) and I just got back from Glastonbury which was so much fun, I'm already planning on going back next year. I could easily write an entire post on the festivals I have been to this year because I am feeling some serious blues about all of them. Anyone else wish their full time job was to review music festivals? That, food reviewing, hotel reviewing and book reviewing would be my dream jobs. So basically being paid to eat, visit fancy hotels, read books and go to music festivals is what I mean... Sadly, I don't think that's really a thing. 

But here are some pictures from my favourite travels this year. Enjoy! Let me know where you've been this year or where you are planning to go. I'm already considering another holiday next month...


I think this was the best hot-dog I have ever had and ever will have!

California - Newport Beach

California - Huntington Beach 

California - Coachella 

George Ezra was the only musician I actually took pictures of because I was so close to him, how could I not!

California - Venice Beach, Hollywood and Melrose Avenue 

Dissertation Deadline Day

Wildlife Music Festival


I didn't take many photos because I was too carried away with enjoying the music but James Bay, Jessie Ware and Kanye West were my favourites!

I'll be back sooner this time... I promise!