When I first woke up this morning I was quite enjoying hearing the rain against my window. Come this afternoon, I was already tired of it. After cuddling up on the sofa watching Once Upon A Time for several hours I decided to have a look over the photographs I took in Florida last month and now, I've decided to share them with you.
I've been to Florida before but it was a good decade ago and I remember very little, so when my friend Sarah asked me to meet her out there a few weeks ago I couldn't say yes fast enough. 
We went to some lovely restaurants and had a few enjoyable nights at the karaoke bar at City Walk. I don't know if it's the same with every karaoke bar in America but everyone could sing so well. At first I thought the whole thing was staged! It's safe to say, the karaoke bars there were not like the ones I've been to in England, and I can happily report that we didn't go up and sing. Honestly, I think the audience would have been more mortified than us!
I absolutely loved all the theme parks, they are like a dream world. I even managed to go on every ride, which was a complete contrast to my first visit (the only thing I managed to go on was the tea cups, sorry mum and dad) but the Tower of Terror almost got me again! Luckily I had to try and hide my fear from the little boy next to us who like me, really did not want to get on the ride, but I think we both enjoyed it in the end... I even kept my Disney ears on my head the whole time! 
It was honestly such an amazing holiday. I just had so much fun and met some lovely people from different places across the world. I love how easy it is to get talking to people in America and it was so interesting to hear about people's different cultures and lifestyles. I even had time to read a few books in between all the busy days at the theme parks which I was very happy about!
 If you haven't been to Florida yet, go as soon as you get the chance! Even if you don't like rides, it's so fun just to walk around all the parks and watch the shows and fireworks and eat all the delicious food.  I don't know how anyone couldn't love it! 
So although today started pretty miserable, I've loved looking back at these photos and reminding myself how fun this summer has been and how lucky I am.

I just wish I could wear my pink Disney ears all the time!
Let me know where your favourite summer holiday has been.